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Playoff Pool

Lord Stanley's CupMy favourite time of year is quickly approaching. The NHL playoffs are mere weeks away. That also means it's time for our annual playoff pool.

The home of this year's pool is here. You can bookmark it at If you know me, and you're interested in participating in this year's draft, please contact me and I'll give you specifics. This year's pool promises to be the best yet.

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Hello God

Go Leafs Go!Hello God, it's me Mike.

What exactly do you have against my Toronto Maple Leafs? Why to you use your omnipotent power to crush us at every opportunity? You tortured us with the Harold Ballard regime, forcing me to grow up in a decade almost completely void of playoff victories. Then, when everything lined up perfectly for a Habs-Leafs Stanley Cup Final in '93, you gave The Great One yet another break and used your mighty power to blind the refs as Gretzky clearly high-sticked Gilmour. We deserved to win that night. You made sure it didn't happen.

Now, in 2003, that very same Gilmour came home. On Thursday night, I watched #93 play for four minutes and fifty-one seconds. Everything seemed right again. Everything seemed perfectly in place for a serious run at the cup. Leaf fans were happy. We were oh so happy Lord! Then, as quickly as you giveth, you taketh away.

Dougie was laying on the ice, clearly in pain. The war horse couldn't stand, but this warrior was going to get to the bench on his own. As I watched him crawl twenty feet to the bench, I looked up and asked you one simple question. "Why?"

On behalf of all Torontonians, I apologize for whatever it is you don't like about us. Perhaps it's our arrogance? We are the self-proclaimed capital of Canada, you know. Perhaps it's the fact that many Leaf fans spill on to Yonge Street to celebrate a single playoff victory. Is it that we're satisfied with so little from our hockey team? Should we expect more? Tell us oh Lord, tell us what we can do to earn your favour? If we change now, maybe Dougie is back for the playoffs? Please see what you can do...

Your biggest fan,

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Memo To Pat Quinn

Go Leafs Go!Memo to Pat Quinn:

Thank you for proving me wrong. This year, you actually made a concerted effort to better our hockey team at the trade deadline. Already a very good team, the addition of Owen Nolan is sure to benefit us during a long playoff run. Nolan can do it all. He can score goals, block shots, punish defenders... Glen Wesley was another good pick up. He's a solid defenseman who isn't prone to the mistakes I see Aki Berg and Jyrki Lumme making on a nightly basis. Furthermore, he only cost us a draft pick.

Today, you added some defense insurance in veteran Phil Housley and brought back my favourite Leaf of all time, Doug Gilmour. Gilmour may be a little slower and no longer the scoring machine of the early 90s, but he's still Gilmour with more heart and passion than anyone in the league. He'll be a definite asset both on the ice and in the dressing room. Did you read my blog below?

Thanks again. Today more than ever I'm confident we can finally bring back the Stanley Cup to my sweet home Toronto. You made four positive moves, and only sacrificed one player from our active roster. Stanley! Stanley! Stanley!

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We Want Dougie

Doug Gilmour #93Pop quiz: Who would you rather see playing on the 3rd or fourth line? Jonus Hoglund or Doug Gilmour? Robert Reichel or Doug Gilmour? I'm going to assume you said Doug Gilmour without hesitation.

Doug Gilmour is retiring after this season. Doug Gilmour's Canadiens are not going to make the playoffs this year. Doug Gilmour is available and I believe still has one more playoff left in that old body of his.

Lets bring Dougie back to help us win the cup. Gilmour should retire a Maple Leaf and he'd be a great presence on the 3rd or 4th line during the 2nd season.

Dougie, Dougie, Dougie...

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Aaron Miller

Go Leafs Go!Glen Wesley is a dependable blue liner who eats up 20+ minutes a game with no defensive lapses. This definitely makes our 6 better than they were last week. But we still need another D to shore up that blue line. A more spectacular D than Wesley. We don't want/need a flashy offensive defenseman, but a defense-first, low-risk, dependable veteran who is still at the top of his game.

Who is the player we should grab before tomorrow's deadline?

It's Aaron Miller from the Kings. Quinn should do whatever it takes (within reason) to secure the services of the under appreciated defenseman. With McCabe, Kaberle, Miller, Wesley, Svehla and Berg, we have a very respectable 6 for a long playoff run. And, depending what we have to give up for Miller, a great deal of depth with Jackman, Belak, Lumme and Ericksson ready when called upon.

Aaron Miller in T.O.!!!!! He's our man.

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