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Chap Stick

BrrrrrIt has been damn cold in Toronto the past week. I guess this is pay back for the non-winter we enjoyed last year. This blog is about my lips and the struggle every man deals with at this time of year, especially when the temperature plummets.

When it gets this cold, my lips get a little chapped. I hear this is rather common. Our heaters suck the moisture out of the air and our bodies become giant raisins. Our lips are first to rebel against this ill treatment.

This leads to my annual struggle. My lips are dying for chap stick or some kind of medicinal attention but how am I supposed to apply it? What self-respecting man is going to press a tube of chap stick to his lips? Why don't I just pull out some blush and apply that to my cheeks while I'm at it?

So, I grin and bear it. My lips will simply have to be patient. I can't be caught applying chap stick. What dude can?

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HaircutsHaircuts. I hate 'em. That's why I wait until the last possible second to get one. I simply dread the entire experience.

I'm not sure exactly what it is about a haircut I detest. Maybe it's having to sit still in that chair. Maybe it's having to cough up the coin. Maybe it's the lack of control.

When I do finally give in, I get my hair cut as short as possible. Then, I'll wait months and months until the mop on top is so out of control, I have no choice but to harness the chaos. Then, the cycle continues...

In a cruel twist of fate, I've been blessed/cursed with very thick hair that grows very fast. At least I know God has a sense of humour. 10 days after I leave the barber's chair, I look like I need a trim.

I don't know which chair is worse, the barber's or the dentist's. It's a tough call. I wish I looked cool with a shaved head. Those dudes have it made.

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