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Leafs Trade

Leafs TradeHot off the wire...

John Ferguson, general manager of the Toronto Maple Leafs, announced Wednesday that the club has traded Ric Jackman to the Pittsburgh Penguins in exchange for defenceman Drake Berehowsky.

I know it's a minor deal, but I'll report all Leaf trades up until the trade deadline. I remember the year we drafted Drake Berehowsky. We picked him 10th overall in the 1990 NHL Entry Draft and I taped the selection off of TSN just in case he became the next Bobby Orr. You see, Berehowsky went to the same high school as me which I thought was pretty damn cool. He didn't pan out, but he's had a fairly long career. And here he is back in blue and white.

If you're wondering who the greatest player ever to attend Michael Power/St. Joseph's High School is, look no further than Brendan Shanahan. I know you were wondering.

Maple Leafs 4, Lightning 4

Go Leafs Go!I really missed the game. Every year we have to endure an all-star break and an entire weekend without a game that matters. By this time of the year you're nicely settled in your routine. Saturday afternoon you start thinking about that night's game and Saturday night at 19:00 you get comfy in front of the boob tube for Maple Leafs hockey. I hate that one Saturday during the season we're deprived of this ritual. I wish they'd move the all-star break and game to mid-week.

Last night it looked as if the blue and white were going to lose their first game in ten against the Lightning but tied it up on a Gary Roberts goal with 44.4 seconds remaining. Down 4-2 early in the third, this tie feels more like a win this morning. We were lucky to get it but we'll take it.

Current Record  Last Game Season Leaders
72 points
4-4 Tie vs. Tampa Bay Lightning M. Sundin - 54
B. McCabe - 36
G. Roberts - 35

Maple Leafs 5, Senators 4

Go Leafs Go!Holy shit! Down 4-0 to the Sens last night at the Corel Centre there was no chance the Maple Leafs were taking home two points. Not a prayer. Chalk the loss on the board and stick a fork in this puppy it's done like dinner. But wait...something awesome happened...something wonderful.

Five goals in succession brought the blue and white way back to steal this one in overtime. The Northeast Division lead is now four as we head into the all-star break. Wicked.

Current Record  Last Game Season Leaders
71 points
5-4 Win vs. Ottawa Senators M. Sundin - 52
B. McCabe - 35
G. Roberts - 34

Maple Leafs 1, Blackhawks 4

Go Leafs Go!The Blackhawks have a horrible road record and hadn't beaten a team from the Northeast division this season. The Maple Leafs outshot them last night by a 44-15 margin. All of the above suggest the Leafs should have won handily last night, but they didn't. We'll file this one in the "ex"-files.

Five points were tallied by former Maple Leaf players now suiting up for Chicago. Nathan Dempsey, Steve Sullivan and Bryan Berard lit the lamp to bury their former squad. If we beat Ottawa on Thursday, all will be forgiven.

Current Record  Last Game Season Leaders
69 points
4-1 Loss vs. Chicago Blackhawks M. Sundin - 51
G. Roberts - 34
J. Nieuwendyk - 30

Recognizing the Call

Recognizing the CallDuring the first period of the Leafs game tonight, I let James play with my Freeplay Ranger. My Freeplay Ranger is a radio I carry around the house and James enjoys sitting with it and tuning in different stations. He gets awfully excited when pulls in a new station and he starts banging his head and dancing to a particularly upbeat rock song.

At one point he switched from FM to AM and brought in the Leaf game. After hearing Joe Bowen call the game for approximately six seconds he got a huge smile on his face and looked at me to exclaim "Hockey Daddy! Hockey!".

I knew he's been able to identify hockey on television by the visual for many months now, but I had no idea he's be able to identify it so quickly on the radio. All I know is at that moment I was a very proud papa.

Maple Leafs 5, Senators 1

Go Leafs Go!Awesome, simply awesome. What a great game. This one was entertaining from start to finish as the Maple Leafs extended their division lead over the Ottawa Senators to three points with a convincing victory at the ACC.

Lets talk about special teams for a moment. This is where the Leafs absolutely dominated. They scored four power play goals in seven opportunities while killing penalty after penalty. The Senators are known for their great power play, so when the parade of blue and white to the penalty box began, I was concerned. In the end we managed to kill 10 of 11 penalties with the only goal coming while down two men. On both sides of the coin, the Leafs put on a special teams clinic.

Current Record  Last Game Season Leaders
69 points
5-1 Win vs. Ottawa Senators M. Sundin - 50
G. Roberts - 33
J. Nieuwendyk - 30

Maple Leafs 4, Thrashers 1

Go Leafs Go!The defining moment of this entertaining game game late in the second period when Patrik Stefan unleashed a wicked slap shot coming down left wing. Trevor Kidd got part of it, then turned around in time to bat the puck out of the air as it was fluttering toward the net. It was awesome and was followed very quickly by Alexei Ponikarovsky's go-ahead goal and the Leafs never looked back.

A glance at the Eastern Conference standings show the blue and white back on top but only by a single point over the Ottawa Senators who have a game in hand. That makes tonight's game all the more important. We're still missing Alexander Mogilny, Owen Nolan, Darcy Tucker, Tom Fitzergerald, Wade Belak and Mikael Renberg, but it should be a good test nonetheless.

Current Record  Last Game Season Leaders
67 points
4-1 Win vs. Atlanta Thrashers M. Sundin - 47
G. Roberts - 31
J. Nieuwendyk - 30

Maple Leafs 0, Hurricanes 2

Go Leafs Go!Pure shite. You have to beat the Carolina Hurricanes on your home ice. We missed a glorious opportunity to register our fourth win in a row. Sure, Kevin Weekes had a strong game between the pipes but that doesn't excuse allowing a short handed goal and giving away the second goal on a arrant pass by Tomas Kaberle.

Current Record  Last Game Season Leaders
65 points
2-0 Loss vs. Carolina Hurricanes M. Sundin - 47
G. Roberts - 30
O. Nolan - 28


Go Leafs Go!Let me get this straight. Nathan Perrott emerged as the fastest skater and hardest shooter in the Toronto Maple Leafs skills competition Sunday. If I were to have guessed who'd be clocked as the fastest skater and hardest shooter, Nathan Perrott would have been way down on my list.

Whodathunkit? Not I, that's for sure.

Eddie Olczyk's Autograph

The VaultI worked at the CNE for three summers as a teen. At the time, the Hockey Hall of Fame was located on the Ex grounds so for 20 days ever summer I'd be within walking distance of this shrine to Canada's sport.

Periodically, NHL players would sign autographs outside. One morning I read a sign outside the facility claiming Ed Olczyk would be signing autographs that afternoon. I made sure to free myself up to meet Eddie O, the best Leaf at the time.

Eddie O!

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