Rescue Me Runs Its Course

tvI'm pretty much done with Rescue Me, the drama starring Denis Leary that airs here on Showcase. I've watched it since the beginning but this season seems so uninspired and boring I don't feel like watching anymore. That's it for me, I'm done.

Meanwhile, in other television news, I caught the last 15 minutes of Californication last night while I was flipping around. You may recall I decided I was done with this new David Duchovny vehicle. Well, for 15 minutes last night, I liked what I saw. Maybe it was the new Foo Fighters track they used so excellently, but I may give Californication another shot. Maybe...

And finally, a couple of shows I've previously enjoyed are starting up again this week. Tomorrow night Showcase is airing the new season of Weeds and Thursday night The Comedy Network is airing The Sarah Silverman Program. For those of you keeping track at home, here are the shows I'm currently following.

  • Curb Your Enthusiasm
  • Tell Me You Love Me
  • Dexter
  • The Simpsons
  • Family Guy
  • The Office
  • Weeds
  • The Sarah Silverman Program

CTV and Global Battle With American-Made Weapons

tvI recently read about a supposed gunfight at the tv ratings corral. It's a war of words between Canada's private TV networks, CTV and Global. Each is making grandiose claims about how they've got all the important eyeballs as they chase the mega advertising bucks.

CTV and Global are going at it hard with the American produced shows they've each purchased. CTV has Grey's Anatomy, Global has 24, CTV has Desperate Housewives, Global has Prison Break, CTV has American Idol, Global has Survivor. The Canadian networks only seem to get ratings when they air shows they've bought from American networks. There are very few exceptions.

Yes, I know Corner Gas airs on CTV, but can you name another Canadian show on either network in Prime Time, excluding the infotainment shlop and Canadian Idol-like remakes? CBC is pushing Little Mosque on the Prairie, but it's getting stomped by CTV's Private Practice and Global's Back To You, a couple of American shows imported to attract eyeballs and eat our young.

CTV and Global can brag about their success, it's just too bad they can't brag about their successful Canadian programs. We're good at a lot of things in this country, but producing a successful sitcom or drama isn't one of them.

Crap I Find Interesting

moneyThe New York Times blog today tells me media buyers pay an average of $419,000 to place an ad on "Grey’s Anatomy," making it the most expensive fall show on network television. This kind of crap fascinates me.

Next is "Sunday Night Football" ($358,000), "The Simpsons" ($315,000), "Heroes" ($296,000), and "Desperate Housewives" ($270,000). Note how "The Simpsons" continues to print money even though many shows attract more eyeballs these days.

News magazine shows are the least expensive, so if you're going to start a new show you're far better off with McDreamy than McFadden. If you got that weak ass joke, you truly are a news magazine show junkie.

Letterman Interviews Paris

tvI've covered the whole Leno vs. Letterman thing. As I so delicately stated, anyone who prefers Leno to Letterman is the soulless spawn of Satan himself.

Case in point, check out this interview Dave conducts with Paris Hilton. Can you imagine Leno doing anything as interesting?

I Don't Think I Like Californication

tvI watched another episode of Californication last night. That's five episodes and I don't think I actually like this show. I think I'm watching because I think it should be better than it is.

For starters, it stars Fox Mulder. That was enough to get me to watch the pilot. I like David Duchovny, but this Hank Moody character he's playing is just over the top. It's as if the writers took every "cool guy" cliche in the books and slapped them upon his persona. A tortured writer who beds beautiful babes, Moody is James Dean, Steve McQueen and The Fonz all rolled into one. It's enough to make you sick.

Then, there's this stupid subplot with his agent who has this secret dominatrix thing going with his hot secretary and a wife who demands a threesome with him and that same smokin' assistant. Please. I could write that, but nobody would tune in because everything is so overblown. There's no subtlety at all. Even the pig teacher flaunts his interest in teens and snorting coke like he's begging for a visit from the coppers. Californication isn't particularly smart, funny or interesting and the presence of Duchovny shouldn't have tided me over five episodes.

Tell Me You Love Me is far more interesting. If you're looking for a new TMN show to test drive, try that one... if you can handle the sausage.

Family Guy Star Wars

Family GuyYesterday I wrote about the Family Guy Star Wars spoof I enjoyed so much. If you can get to these before the Fox lawyers do, you can watch that episode right here in five parts.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Family Guy Star Wars Spoof

stewieI enjoy my Sunday night cartoons. Last night, both kids joined me for the Simpsons premiere and then three year old Michelle went to bed. James, however, had caught several promos for The Family Guy Star Wars spoof and as a life long fan of Star Wars, he was hooked.

Actually, we were hooked. I don't know if this makes me a bad dad, but five year old James was allowed to stay up until 10pm to see the ending. This was our Roots!

He loved the scenes of Stewie as Darth Vader and was too young to realize how creepy Obi Wan Kenobi was, so it was ideal for both of us. Although I'll always be partial to the episode with Norm McDonald playing the Grim Reaper, the Family Guy Star Wars spoof might be my favourite episode ever.

It was awesome.

Spherical, Schmerical Says Sherri Shepherd

globeI don't know who or what a Sherri Shepherd is, but I respect her Aristotlean opinion that the earth may be as flat as a pancake. She's as ignorant as Jimmy's crazy friend who says it's wrong to eat meat, but she's entitled to be as loony as she wants to be.

And here she is now, unable to conclude whether the earth is flat or spherical. We'll tag this sucker "retro ignorance".

TV Notes For A Tuesday

tvYou know that Good Housekeeping seal of approval? I look at HBO as such a seal. If a television show belongs to HBO, I'll give it a good shot because it's highly likely I'm not just going to enjoy the show but I'm going to love it.

This year alone I've enjoyed the following HBO series: The Sopranos, John From Cincinnati, Flight of the Conchords and Curb Your Enthusiasm. And yes, I realize I'd love Entourage and I'm missing out, but I'm thinking at some point someone will lend me the complete DVD set and I'll catch it from the beginning.

The new season of Curb Your Enthusiasm just kicked off last week and episode one was hilarious. The David's have adopted a less privileged family who lost their home in a Katrina-like disaster, and hilarity is sure to ensue. I love this show.

Yesterday night, Taryn and I watched the pilot of a new HBO series, "Tell Me You Love Me". It had that HBO seal of approval, so I didn't hesitate to give it an hour of my life. We both enjoyed it, and will be checking out episode two this week, but there was something different about this show... Hmmm, what was it? What was I sure to take note of? Oh yeah, "Tell Me You Love Me" is super graphic.

I'm used to HBO shows with nudity, "Dream On" was good for a few flashes a week, but "Tell Me You Love Me" kicks it up a notch. We're talking full frontal nudity and sex that can't possibly be simulated. There's a little too much sausage for my liking, and graphic acts to completion, if you catch my drift, but the wonderful scenes with Sonya Walger and Michelle Borth made it all worth while.

"Tell Me You Love Me" is worth checking out, just make sure the kids are locked away. And prepare yourself for a little more skin than Tony used to see at the Bada-Bing.

2007 MTV Video Music Awards

mtvTonight's the 24th annual MTV Video Music Awards and us crazy canucks can watch it live on CTV at 9pm. For years this was my favourite music awards show of them all. The best artists were always on the bill and the coolest videos for great songs often took home an award or two. Then, I got old.

Today it's for the kids, all about the Justin Timberlakes and Beyonces, but there are still great moments tucked in amidst the crud, like Sarah Silverman's Paris diss last year.

This year I'll be watching for a performances from the Foo Fighters featuring Queens Of The Stone Age member's Josh Homme and Troy Van Leeuwen and System Of A Down's Serj Tankian. That, and some comeback thingy by the Brit. Hey, I'm only human.

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