My Ten Favourite TV Shows of 2007

tvTelevision got jealous of music after I posted my ten favourite songs of 2007 and demanded fair treatment. I didn't want any trouble and caved immediately.

Here are my ten favourite television shows in 2007. These are shows that aired new episodes during the 2007 calendar year, so shows like "Arrested Development" I revisited in DVD were ineligible.

10. Rescue Me

I watched this show for years until a series of weak episodes caused me to bail. Then, I caught a good episode and came back for the season finale which I thoroughly enjoyed. It was pretty much guaranteed to make this list because I only watched about 12 series all year.

9. Family Guy

Can I lump "Family Guy" in with "American Dad"? This show is good for shits and giggles, and that's not a bad thing.

8. Dexter

Season two of "Dexter" was pretty interesting. I don't know how long this series will go before it gets repetitive, but I hope it has at least two more seasons in it.

7. 30 Rock

I didn't watch a minute of this show during its first season and then I caught a rerun during the summer. I liked what I saw and came back for more. Now I'm a big fan.

6. The Simpsons

Me and the kids appointment view this show every Sunday night. I've been doing that for a couple of decades. You knew this was going to show up on this list somewhere.

5. The Office

"The Office" is my favourite network series. It's plain fun. I still can't believe the Yanks took a brilliant BBC show and made it better.

4. This American Life

There were only six episodes of this documentary series but each one touched me in a profound way. There is no series on television as thought provoking and interesting as this one.

3. Flight of the Conchords

Pure hilarity. It's not only completely hilarious, but the music is great too. Bonus!

2. The Sopranos

Fuggedaboutit. Tony: RIP.

1. Curb Your Enthusiasm

There was something about the dynamic of this season that slayed me. Larry and the Blacks was a perfect blend and Leon stole the show. Get in that ass, Larry!

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Hello, Mike

tvDid you know 30% of visitors to this site are named Mike? It's true*.

This teaser for the new Knight Rider series with home boy Will Arnett as the voice of KITT is for that 30%.

* Not necessarily true.

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Peter Puck

hockeyI just watched my first episode of Peter Puck. They just ran it on LeafsTV during the first intermission of tonights Leafs game in Tampa Bay. I remember hearing about Peter Puck as a kid, and I had a Peter Puck colouring book, but I had never caught his little educational series that I recall.

Tonight Peter Puck taught us about icing and offsides. These were created for NBC in the 70s to teach Americans about NHL hockey, but they're great for kids. I can't wait for the next episode.


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Is Europe A Country?

idolI remember Kellie Pickler from American Idol, and she didn't come across as the sharpest knife in the drawer, but I assumed she was playing dumb. After watching this clip of her on some game show, I'm sure it's no act.

She sincerely thought Europe was a country and clearly never heard of the country we call Hungary. I went to my five year old son's parent-teacher interview tonight and I saw the work he's doing on geography. He already knows Europe isn't a country.

Watch this and cringe.

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A PSA You Won't Ever Forget

tvThe other day I caught a public service announcement on television for the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board. If you've seen this spot, you haven't forgotten. It's the most disturbing ad I've ever seen.

As freaked out as it made me, I can vouch for its effectiveness. I'm now scared to boil eggs for fear I could slip into the boiling water. I won't even consider making tea.

Warning, this isn't for the squeamish.

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Unfriendly Giant Puppet Withdrawal From CBC

cbcI loved "The Friendly Giant". It was a childhood staple, along with "Polka Dot Door", "The Electric Company", "Jeremy", "Sesame Street" and "Mr. Dressup". Rusty and Jerome were like childhood friends.

Rusty and Jerome appeared in a satirical skit last month during the Gemini Awards broadcast from Regina on October 28th and now the family of Bob Homme is pissed. Homme's son Richard and daughter Ann picked up the puppets Tuesday from a display at the public broadcaster's downtown Toronto headquarters that also included The Friendly Giant's tunic, boots, castle set and mini furniture.

I found the offending skit on YouTube and it's great. It's just good to see some old friends, ya know? Yes, the CBC should have got permission before using Rusty and Jerome but their appearance stole the show. Watch the skit below.

Now Rusty, here's one little chair for you, and a bigger chair for Jerome to curl up in, and for the Homme family who can't handle a harmless joke, a rocking chair in the middle.

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RHCP Sue Showtime Over Californication

justiceMy favourite news story of the day comes out of Los Angeles. The Red Hot Chili Peppers have sued Showtime Networks over the name of the television series "Californication," which is also the name of the band's 1999 album and a single on it.

I've written quite a bit about this David Duchovny show we get on TMN. It's a love/hate thing in that I love to hate it. I caught every episode and tore it to shreds with running commentary that my wife will confirm was funnier than the show.

When I first learnt they were calling the show "Californication", I thought it was an homage to the Red Hot Chili Peppers and I didn't think it infringed on copyright. I also noted a character was named Dani California, so they didn't try very hard to hide the name's inspiration. I hit Wikipedia to find out if RHCP invented this term, and there I learnt "Californication is a portmanteau of California and fornication, written about in Time on August 21, 1972 and seen on bumper stickers in the U.S. states of Colorado, Oregon and Idaho."

I can see why RHCP are pissed. If a show is going to bum your name, you want it to be a great deal better than this one.

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Curb Your Enthusiasm Season Finale

humourEarlier this week, I toasted "Curb Your Enthusiasm" and shared one of my favourite exchanges from this season, Get In That Ass, Larry. I've just watched the season finale, and damn, that was awesome.

I'm issuing a very serious spoiler alert here. If you haven't seen the season final of "Curb Your Enthusiasm", and you plan to, don't watch this clip. It's the final two minutes and there's a rather significant twisty turn.

This is the funniest show on television.

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My Desert Island Show

tvWe've all played the desert island game. If you're going to a desert island, which ten CDs would you bring? If you were going to a desert island, and could only bring one food, which food would you bring? Heck, I think I've written a desert island entry or two over the years.

I was just thinking about which show I'd choose if I could only watch one show's new episodes while on a desert island. Got that? The show has to be active and while on this desert island I'll be somehow receiving the new episodes. Which show would I choose?

I'd choose "Curb Your Enthusiasm". While on this desert island, I'm going to want to laugh, and no show makes me life like Larry David's CYE. This season, Larry has adopted the Black family, and it's been damn funny.

I wanted to share a clip from season six, and there are plenty of great ones to choose from, but I wanted one with Leon Black, played by J.B. Smoove. This clip, entitled Get In That Ass, Larry, is NSFW. If you want to keep your job, wait until you get home or put on the headphones.

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Property Virgins With Sandra Rinomato

homeYesterday, Taryn went to some renovation showcase thing for charity. At one of the homes she met Sandra Rinomato, host of HGTV's "Property Virgins". Both my mom and my wife love this show, and because it usually features Toronto neighbourhoods, I've caught my fair share of episodes.

If you haven't seen it, here's a typical episode of "Property Virgins".

  1. A young, sporty, childless couple wants to by a home
  2. This couple wants a home with space to store their biking, camping, skiing and kayaking gear
  3. Starting in a lovely High Park neighbourhood, this couple points out their ideal home to Sandra
  4. Sandra learns this couple can't afford more than $350,000 and asks them to guess what this High Park home will go for
  5. The couple guesses way low and seems surprised to learn their dream house will sell for approximately $750,000
  6. Sandra takes the couple to Mimico where they might actually find a home for $350,000

Some of the details may change, but that's every episode of "Property Virgins" in a nutshell.

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