Another Debate

Another DebateLast night I watched the second debate between American President Dubya and his challenger, Senator John Kerry. The more I watch and hear Dubya speak, the more certain I am that he's an idiot, and a dangerous idiot at that.

I believe him to be the greatest over achiever in the history of the world. With mediocre intelligence, little charm and stubborn politics, he managed to ascend to the highest office in the world. What's worse is the fact he very well may be reelected next month. It sends a chill down my spine.

I was wondering if my perception of Dubya could possibly be correct and if he could really be as dumb as I sense he is, so I began Googling. I came across this article entitled "The Misunderestimated Man: How Bush chose stupidity" By Jacob Weisberg. It's an interesting read and suggests that he knows nothing about policy or history, he doesn't want to know anything in detail, however important, he's lazy and his mind does not think. The insinuation is that Dubya chose stupidity and now wears it as a badge of honor.

Heading into last night's debate, most polls had Kerry ahead by a point. Although Dubya probably fared better last night than he did last time, there's no way he came out ahead. Lets hope our friend in America gain some perspective and see Duya for what he really is...an idiot.

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No Debate

No DebateDoes anyone really care who Puff Daddy thinks won last night's debate between Dubya and John Kerry? I was just flipping the stations and Entertainment Tonight seemed awfully interested in P. Diddy's take on the matter.

I watched all ninety minutes last night and I don't think there's any doubt as to who came off sharper, cooler and more presidential. John Kerry gave the better performance but Dubya didn't implode despite the fact I was willing him to do just that. My favourite moments of the night were those split screen shots while John Kerry was speaking that showed Dubya making those strange faces. I'd love to have a camera just focused on Dubya for the next debate. It's priceless.

I keep hearing that Dubya's greatest asset is the fact he makes a decision and sticks with it no matter what. Is this really a positive attribute? Suppose he makes up his mind about something and it's the wrong decision. Dubya would stubbornly stay the course with blinders on because he doesn't "flip-flop" and he doesn't change his mind. An open-minded, intelligent person continues to learn and look at things from various perspectives and not only can modify their opinion on a particular subject but should modify their opinions. I don't believe all the same things I did ten years ago and that's not a character flaw but a sign that I'm a growing person who has kept an open mind about things. Dubya's inability to consider the fact things may not have always been as they have seemed is a recipe for disaster and a frightening proposition. Dubya should stop smirking so much when bragging about such short comings.

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I Can't Vote

I Can't VoteI keep having to remind myself that I can't cast a vote for President of the United States of America on November 2nd, 2004. I'm reading daily about the American federal election and following it very closely. Throw in the fact I've been voting a lot lately and it only seemed natural I'd be voting again. Within the past year I've voted in our provincial, municipal and federal elections. Why should my citizenship prevent me from casting another vote for John Kerry?

My American friends can register to vote here or visit Howard Stern's official site for his "Clip The Bush" message.

Below are a few other links for excellent coverage of November's big vote in the USA.

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A Dick

A DickI've spent a great deal of time writing about my dislike for Dubya and his politics but I never intended to give Dick Cheney a free pass. I don't know a whole lot about him, but I just read The Curse of Dick Cheney in Rolling Stone and it's pretty clear Dick is a dick.

It's a very interesting read if you have five minutes. Here's an excerpt.

As vice president, Cheney has been the decisive force pushing America into war. In the inner councils of the administration, it was he who emasculated Colin Powell, cut the State Department out of effective policymaking, foisted fake reports on the intelligence agencies and supplanted the National Security Council. It was also Cheney who placed appointees personally loyal to him, including Rumsfeld and Wolfowitz, in charge of the Pentagon and speckled the warmaking bureaucracy with desk officers culled from neoconservative Washington think tanks -- ideologues with no military experience...

...As the disaster has unfolded in Iraq, he has continued to insist against all evidence that Saddam possessed weapons of mass destruction, that the dictator was aiding Al Qaeda, that nothing the Bush administration has done was a mistake. Those who have known him over the years remain astounded by what they describe as his almost autistic indifference to the thoughts and feelings of others. "He has the least interest in human beings of anyone I have ever met," says John Perry Barlow, his former supporter. Cheney's freshman-year roommate, Steve Billings, agrees: "If I could ask Dick one question, I'd ask him how he could be so unempathetic."

I pray this administration will not be reelected but I fear it will be. The S factor is at full strength. Four more years of this garbage is a frightening thought.

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False Info

False InfoThe key U.S. assertions leading to the 2003 invasion of Iraq - that Saddam Hussein had chemical and biological weapons and was working to make nuclear weapons - were wrong and based on false or overstated CIA analyses, a scathing Senate Intelligence Committee report asserted today.

Is anyone shocked by this? I only wish this report had gone all the way and stated what we all know to be true. Dubya twisted the evidence to back his call for war against Iraq. If you don't believe that to be true, I have some swamp land for sale in beautiful Florida.

Speaking of Dubya, the Pentagon has said that military payroll records that could more fully document his whereabouts during his service in the Texas Air National Guard were inadvertently destroyed.

Does Dubya have horse shoes up his ass or what? What a wonderful coincidence this is. I wonder who ordered that his military payrool records be "inadvertently" destroyed...

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Liberal Minority

Liberal MinorityIt looks like Paul Martin's Liberals are headed for a minority government tonight. A surprisingly strong showing in Ontario and Atlantic Canada has kept the Grits in power. As I said, it was all up to us and we did the right thing.

Phew! That was too close for comfort.

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Vote Today

Vote TodayWhen you don't vote, you let others speak for you.

We are fortunate to have fair and democratic methods in place for the selecting of political representation. To not take part in the process or to feel like our opinion doesn't matter, would be to waste the incredible power that we possess.

The power of a single vote is staggering. It is our right to stand up and be counted. And the way we do that is by casting our ballot. Don't forget to vote in today's Federal Election.

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It's Up To Us

It's Up To UsWhoa nelly, it's gonna be close. The Liberals and Conservatives are neck and neck with the federal election only a couple of days away. It's anyone's ballgame.

As I see it, it's all up to us. By us, I mean Ontarians. Out west all I hear about are Conservative loving yahoos, in Quebec it's a mess and there aren't enough bodies to make a difference down east. That means it will be us in Ontario who choose the Prime Minister of Canada.

I shared this theory with a house guest from Winnipeg and she said it was typical Toronto arrogance. It's not, it's simply the way the numbers add up. With a representation by population system, Ontario is far more important than any other Canadian province. Lets face it, if Ontario turns blue, Stephen Harper will win. If Ontario stays even a slight shade of red, Paul Martin will remain in power. It won't matter what they thought in Alberta, New Brunswick and Manitoba.

So, it's all up to us. I've done my part and voted Liberal. Now it's your turn.

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Conservative Vote

Conservative VoteI find myself awaking in a cold sweat for fear the Conservatives may actually win our federal election. Recent Liberal scandals and mismanagement have many looking at the Conservative Party as a way to send a message and teach the Liberal Party a lesson. I fully understand this unwillingness to give the Liberals another vote, but the alternative is frightening. We can't cut off our nose to spite our face.

This morning, perusing the Toronto Star, I came across a letter to the editor from a Robin Wood entitled "Vote for Conservatives and you can expect this". It's pretty simple and straight forward and I fear it's also rather accurate.

A vote for the Conservatives is (ultimately, whatever Stephen Harper may say) in all probability a vote for the following:

1. An increase in pollution, destruction of the environment, and global warming (in the interests of corporate capitalism), which, according to many distinguished international scientists, could end with our planet becoming uninhabitable.

2. An increase in support for the U.S., in its transparent striving (under the current administration) for world domination.

3. An increase in homelessness and poverty (including child poverty).

4. The further demolition of our health care system, including our hospital services.

5. The parallel undermining of educational funding, from kindergarten to university.

6. The probable loss of abortion rights for women.

7. The probable blocking of same-sex marriage.

This is, of course, a free country and the choice is yours. I just wanted to make sure you know what you are voting for. And heaven help the rest of us.

Do the right thing. Please.

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My Civic Duty

My DutyI voted tonight. The election is actually June 28th, but tonight was an advance voting night. I'm not sure what my slo-pitch schedule will look like on June 28th and I wanted to fulfill my civic duty.

Sitting behind that cardboard barrier with by ballot in hand I knew what I had to do for my country. I cast my vote for my local Liberal MP in the hopes we can avoid the Stephen Harper regime. The more I hear and read about Mr. Harper, the more I get a Dubya vibe from him and that scares the shit out of me.

Fellow Canadians can vote on Monday from noon to 20:00 if they want to avoid the June 28th rush. Monday is the last advance voting day. Go here to find out where to go on Monday to keep the Liberal party in power. Trust me, it's for the best.

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