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Link: Movie Spider

LinkMovie Spider - Don't tell anyone, k?

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Link: Toronto Transit Map

LinkToronto transit map - This map contains public transit (bus, subway, street car, train, and LRT) lines for much of the Greater Toronto Area on a map provided by Google. Data for TTC, GO Transit, VIVA, Brampton Transit, Mississauga Transit and Vaughan Transit is included.

This is a useful tool Mr. Ian Stevens. The TTC should thank you, but knowing them they'll send you a cease and desist order instead.

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Link: Top 50 Music Videos of 2006

LinkTop 50 Music Videos of 2006 - This is the big one folks. The link of the year!

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Link: Comedy Central

LinkComedy Central - iFilm has legitimate Comedy Central clips available from their best shows: Daily Show with Jon Stewart, Colbert Report, Chappelle's Show and Crank Yankers.

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Link: Sexual Consent

LinkSexual Consent - Very, very funny. Trust me.

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Link: The Most Famous Photographs

LinkThe Most Famous Photographs - Simply a great collection of the world's most famous photographs. Here's my favourite.

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Link: On-Line Anagram Generator

LinkOn-Line Anagram Generator - Throw your name in this online anagram generator and watch hilarity ensue.

I'm "I'm Bone OK" unless you prefer the cleaner "Moon Bike".

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Link: Free flu shots

LinkFree flu shots - Torontonians will want to note that free flu shots are available November 13 to December 9, 2006 and January 12-18, 2007 and you can see a list of vaccination clinics on this page.

I got my flu shot last week so you'd better get yours. Revisit my 2003 rant and 2004 rant.

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Link: NHL on Google Video

LinkNHL on Google Video - This is HUGE. The NHL has announced a multi-year deal to provide NHL video content to Google Video. We'll see where this goes, but the premise is outstanding.

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Link: Creative commercials that you'll never forget

LinkCreative commercials that you'll never forget - This is a nice collection of some great commercials, including the Toronto-produced Dove ad that's been receiving a lot of press lately.

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