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First Person Tetris

LinkFirst Person Tetris - This one's tough.


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NORAD Tracks Santa 2009

Mike's FavouritesNorad Tracks Santa - For more than 50 years, NORAD and its predecessor, the Continental Air Defense Command (CONAD), has tracked Santa’s Christmas Eve flight.

Santa is currently delivering gifts to Victoria, Seychelles. I honestly didn't know there was a Seychelles until I saw that.

Go Santa, Go! Daddy needs some sugar free bubble gum!

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Online Basketball Totally Addictive

Online BasketballI'm completely addicted to this online basketball game. I played it throughout the Raptors victory this afternoon. If you try it, you'll like it, and you'll keep on trying it.

A big part of the allure is that you compete with several hundred other players throughout the world in real-time. You're essentially representing your country, as it gives you a flag based on your IP address.

My high score is 149 points, but I didn't get a screen cap. Here's my most recent game. I'm definitely getting better, consistently scoring over 100 points and getting every closer to that elusive top ten.


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Mississauga Blogger's Mississauga Blog

linkChildren of the blogosphere, there's a new blog in our midst. Horonymous has been commenting here and at Canadian Thinker for years, and now he's started his own blog.

You'll find his blog at where he's writing about things he finds interesting in the 905 and beyond. I particularly liked his thanks to his father, posted in time for Remembrance Day.

Click on over and check out Mississauga Blogger. If you'd like to unleash the inner blogger within you, contact me and we'll make it happen.

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It is Over! Paul Romanuk's Most Memorable Call

canadahockeyI remember Paul Romanuk calling international hockey games in the 90s and his signature call "It.. is Over!" I've used that call several times in the past year alone, but I'm a sucker for memorable sports calls.

Paul Romanuk is also a regular reader of this blog. I received a nice note from him and I promised to plug his blog. He's living in England now but he keeps tabs on the homeland by reading the sludge posted here.

Go to and click "blog" at the top. I'd link straight to the blog, but Paul thinks it's 1997 and is using frames.

Here is where I'd insert the audio or video of Paul Romanuk declaring "It is Over!" but he doesn't have it and I can't find it anywhere on line. If you've got it, and I'm looking at you Down Goes Brown, hook me up and I'll share it.

As for this entry, it is over!

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Stuff White People Like

linkI subscribe to the RSS feed for a great blog entitled Stuff White People Like. Although it's updated far too infrequently for my liking, every entry makes me laugh out loud.

One of my favourite entries, because it's so damn true, is #85 The Wire.

Though white people have a natural aversion to television, there are some exceptions. For white people to like a TV show it helps if it is: critically acclaimed, low-rated, shown on premium cable, and available as a DVD box set.

The latter is important so that white people can order it from Netflix and tell their friends “they are really into <insert series> and I watched ten episodes in a row in the weekend. I’m almost caught up.”

If you attempt to talk about an episode they have not seen yet, they will scream and cover their ears. In white culture, giving away information about a film or TV series is considered as rude as spitting on your mothers grave. It is an unforgivable offense.

Recent series that have fallen into this category include The Sopranos, Six Feet Under, and most recently The Wire.

For the past three years, whenever you say “The Wire” white people are required to respond by saying “it’s the best show on television.” Try it the next time you see a white person! Though now they might say “it WAS the best show on television.”

So why do they love it so much? It all comes down to authenticity. A long time ago, someone started a rumor that when The Wire is on TV, actual police wires go quiet because all the dealers are watching the show. Though this is not true, it seems plausible enough to white people and has imbued the show with the needed authenticity to be deemed acceptable.

The popularity of this show among white people has create a unique opportunity for personal gain.

If you need to impress a white person, tell them you are from Baltimore. They will immediately ask you about The Wire and how accurate it is. You should confirm that it is “like a documentary of the streets,” the white person will then slowly shake their head and say “man” or “wow.” You will be seen in an entirely new light.

If you are not from Baltimore but the white person you are talking to is, they might start asking you a lot of questions. In this situation, you should just say you left when you were young but you still have a lot of cousins there but you don’t like to go back to visit. This will remove all doubts and they can go back to telling you about how John from Accounting needs to “stop snitching” about their two hour lunch breaks.

Trust me, you want to subscribe to this blog. Whether you're white or not.

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Moms in Toronto Need to Check This Out

mouseBack in January, I started my search for a Toronto mother willing to blog as Toronto Mommy at I found a Toronto Mom interested in writing and she's been blogging away over there ever since.

This morning, I gave a little facelift. If you're a Mom in the GTA or know one, let her know about Toronto Mommy. And yes, even includes awesome insight from Argie in the comments.

Now if I could only add Argie to my network of blogs... Whattyasay, Argie?

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Obama Icons For All

LinkSome say I faked a separated shoulder injury just so I could stay home and watch Obama's inauguration. I assure these people, that is not true. But, when life gives you lemons, you paint that shit gold.

I have been having a little fun with OBAMAICON.ME where you can upload a picture and get your own Hope poster a'la Shepard Fairey. Click on over and give it a spin.

Now if you''ll excuse me, the 44th President is #1 in my books. It's the dawn of a new era and I don't want to miss a thing.


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NORAD Tracks Santa 2008

Mike's FavouritesNorad Tracks Santa - For more than 50 years, NORAD and its predecessor, the Continental Air Defense Command (CONAD) have tracked Santa’s Christmas Eve flight.

Daddy needs a new pair of socks!

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Let Me Google That For You

googleWhen people ask me something that can be answered by a simple Google search, I usually send them to Unfortunately, that site is a little crude for the delicate amongst us and those you have to be politically correct with.

Now we have a hilarious solution that can be shared with your grandmother. It's called Let Me Google That For You and here it is in action.

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