Enough's Enough - I Want My Louie

louieI think Louie CK is friggin' hilarious, but who doesn't? His new series has been airing on FX in the USA since June, and I've been hoping a Canadian network would pick it up. I desperately want to watch this show.

Here's part of episode 6. This is damn funny, but NSFW. I'd embed it, but FX won't let me. Trust me, it's worth the click.

This delay in bringing Louie to Canada has left me no choice. The Pirate Bay it is.


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Mike from Lowville

Had my Louie since day one. I get mine off the boat also. Get stuff while you can! Seems the powers that be are accelerating the process in the house. The Bay is going the way of Napster. Rogers is limiting up-down loads to 25G's a month, as mich as $2.50 a Gig if your over and others aren't far behind!

August 3, 2010 @ 7:03 AM

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